Prof. Dr Ec. Sc. Zdravko Kovachev
Prof. Tsani Kalyandzhiev – First rector of the Higher School Of Commerce
Prof. Dr Ec. Sc. Zdravko Kovachev
Foundation Of The System Of Economic Knowledge
Assoc. Prof. Dr Dancho Danchev
Conceptual Framework Of The „Long Tail” Theory Of Retail Business
Assoc. Prof. Dr Stanka Zhekova
Spatial Asymmetry In The Age-Related Mortality rate Of The Population In Bulgaria
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Denka Zlateva, Prof. Dr Eng. Grozdan Karadzhov
A Study Of The Effect Of The Type Of Flour And Some Additives On The Ageing Of Bread
Assoc. Prof. Dr Ivan Zhelev
Facility Management – A Modern Approach To The Management Of Buildings And Facilities In Bulgaria
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Hristina Blagoycheva
The Bulgarian Reserve Pension Fund – Objectives And Trends
Assist. Prof. Velichka Marinova, Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Sabka Pashova
Comparative Studies Of Fresh Milk On Offer In The Sales Network Of The Town Of Varna
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Donka Zhelyazkova
Prerequisites For The Use Of Outsourcing In Distribution
Chief Assist. Prof. Stoyan Hadzhivelichkov
Theoretical Model For The Management Of Perceived Product Quality
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