Assoc. Prof. Dr Evgeni Stanimirov
A Study Of The Relations Between Satisfaction, Loyalty And Commitment Of Personnel
Assoc. Prof. Dr Stefan Drazhev
A Model Of Interaction Of Agents In Social Internet Groups
Assoc. Prof. Dr Vladimir Vladimirov
Long-Term Sustainability Of Public Finance
Chief Assist. Prof. Miroslav Karakulakov
Relatively Optimal Solutions In Multicriterion Programming
Assist. Prof. Emilia Kirina
On The Interest Of Banks In The Market Of Socially Responsible Investments
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Maria Valkanova
Risks Excluded In The Life Insurance Contract In The Event Of Death – Legal Aspects
Assist. Prof. Kaliopa Nikolova-Atanasova
Peculiarities Of The Monetary Valuation Of The Benefits With The Application Of The Cost-Benefit Analysis In Public Health Services
Chief Assist. Prof. Tanka Milkova
Optimizing The Management Of Freight Flows In The Supply Chain
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Todor Todorov
Territorial As Well As Class And Professional Imbalance In The Dynamics Of Employment In Bulgaria – Structural Challenges
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Bozhidar Chaparov
State And Issues In The Development Of Construction In Republic Of Bulgaria
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Dimitar Rafailov
Evolution Of Corporate Dividend Policy
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Snezhana Sulova
Internet Resources As A Source Of Information For E-Commerce
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