Prof. Dr Ec. Sc. Zdravko Kovachev
The first curriculum of Higher Commercial School in Varna
Assoc. Prof. Dr Marin Neshkov
System characteristics of tourism policy
Assoc. Prof. Dr Yordan Yordanov, Eng-manager Svetoslav Stamenov
Venture capital funds – necessary instrument for the development of Bulgarian economy
Assist. Prof. Sofia Ilieva
On Some Peculiarities In The Classification and accountiug of Financial Instruments
Assoc. Prof. Tatyana Odintsova, Ph. D.
The forming of a cost controlling system as an element of the policy of providing balanced sustainable enterprise development
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Petya Dankova
The Human Resources Of The Organization In The Context Of The Concept Of Corporate Social Responsibility
Assist. Prof. Gergana Tsoncheva
Issues Connected With The Reliability Of Information In Financial Reports And Methods For Discovering Manipulative Operations
Assist. Prof. Tsvetomir Manolov
Disclosure of environmental protection costs – theoretical aspects and practical realization in Bulgaria
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Bozhidar Chaparov
State and prospect in the development of the leasing of real estate in Bulgaria
Chief Assist. Prof. Damyan Kirechev
Spatial Concentration And Integration In The Wine Sector
Assist. Prof. Radoslav Radev
Study of the quality of Bulgarian yoghurt
Икономически университет - Варна
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