Prof. Dr Ec. Sc. Boyko Atanasov
Optimizing The Allotment Of Construction Equipment By Type Of Activity And Site
Assoc. Prof. Dr Evgeni Stanimirov, Assist. Prof. Borislava Cherkezova
Analysis Of Staff And Customer Satisfaction
Assoc. Prof. Dr Rumen Kalchev
Development Of Sectoral Employment In Bulgaria
Assist. Prof. Reni Petrova
Issues Of The Definition And Classification Of Intangible Assets For Accounting Purposes
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Petya Dankova
Strategic Aspects Of Human Resource Management In The Business Organization
Assoc. Prof. Dr Nadya Kostova
Accounting For Vine Massifs And Government Donations Connected With Them And Its Effect On The Taxation Of The Enterprise
Assoc. Prof. Dr Mihal Stoyanov
Structural Changes In The Consumption Of Foods By Households In Republic Of Bulgaria
PhD student Hrisina Hristova
The Transition To Customer Focused Approach In Corporate Banking
Assist. Prof. Kiril Georgiev
Does The Yield Curve Forecast The Recession In Bulgarian Economy?
Assist. Prof. Veniamin Todorov
The Role Of The Monetary Policy For The Origin Of The Financial Crisis Of 2007-2009 In The USA
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