Assoc. Prof. Dr Violeta Dimitrova
Address, Dedicated to the 93d Anniversary of the Establishment of University of Economics – Varna
Assoc. Prof. Dr Evgeni Stanimirov
Positioning of Companies’ Market Offers
Assoc. Prof. Dr Veselin Hadzhiev
Comparative Efficiency of Bulgarian Banks Through DEA
Prof. Dr Ec. Sc. Penyu Mihaylov
Every Theory is Incomplete and is Subject to Development
Prof. Dr Ec. Sc. Stefka Koeva
Pharmaceutical Markets: Public and Private Roles and Failures
Assoc. Prof. Dr Olga Iermakova
Key Aspects of Transformation of the Regional Foreign Economic Policy
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Sevdalina Hristova
Problem Areas in the Management of Public Contracts and Implementation of Municipal Projects
Assist. Prof. Velina Yordanova
Reliability Level of in the Production Schedule Design in the Construction Company
Assist. Prof. Vladi Kurshumov
Strategic Aspects of Outsourcing
PhD student Vladimir Hristov
The role of the marketing strategies for corporate development of Bulgarian Suppliers of Logistic Services
PhD student Miroslava Mahlebashieva
Determining the Fair Price of Weather hedging
PhD student Vanya Kraleva
Structural Considerations in Defining the Non-profit Sector Boundaries
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