Prof. Bogdan Oancea, PhD, PhD Candidate Dragoescu Raluca Mariana
The Long-Run Relationship Between Education And Economic Growth. The Case Of Romania
Assoc. Prof. Galina Yolova, PhD
Pensionable Service And Similar Legal Institutes In The Recognition Of Certain Types Of Social Security Benefits
Chief Assist. Prof. Ruslana Dimitrova, PhD
Internal Audit And Risk Assessment Connected With The Going Concern Assumption
Chief Assist. Prof. Alexander Todorov, PhD
Effects Of Market Concentration On Profitability Among Commercial Banks In Bulgaria
Assist. Prof. Yanka Aleksandrova
Assessment Of Approaches To Building An Analytical CRM System
Senior Lecturer Margarita Popova
Teaching Language For Special Purposes (Business German) – A Real Challenge For The Foreign Language Teacher
Doctoral student Svetlana Atanasova
Issues Of The Investment Process On The Goods And Services Market In Republic Of Bulgaria
Doctoral student Mincho Minev
Integrated Model For The Initial Measurement Of Assets Created In Enterprises
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