Sabka Pashova
Special issue of the Izvestiya Journal of the University of Economics – Varna of Commodity Science Research “Commodity Science In A Changing World”
Anatolii Mazaraki, Nataliia Prytulska
Commodity Science in Ukraine: Present And Future
Renata Salerno-Kochan
Assessment of The Risks Posed by Heavy Metals Contained in Consumer Products Using The Bioindicative Measuring Method
Marta Karkalíková, Dominika Noseková
Implementation of Management Systems as Competitive Advantage
Zbigniew Klos, Krzysztof Koper
Proposal of Environmental Aspects Assessment of Products
Wacław Adamczyk
The Current Problems of Sustainable Production and Consumption
Jadwiga Adamczyk
The Quality in Corporate Sustainability Reporting
Lolita Liberatore, Nicola Casolani, Federica Murmura
Perception of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Certifications: A Commodity Market Perspective
Stefano Duglio, Stanislav Ivanov, Francesca Magliano, Maya Ivanova
Motivation, Costs and Benefits of the Adoption of the European Ecolabel in the Tourism Sector: An Exploratory Study of Italian Accommodation Establishments
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