Assoc. Prof. Dr Vladimir Sulov
New Visions on Electronic Books
Assoc. Prof. Dr Rosen Nikolaev, Viktoria Stancheva
The effect of foreign direct investment on unemployment in Bulgaria
Assoc. Prof. Dr Stanka Zhekova
Inclusive growth in the Europe 2020 Strategy: assessment of the implementation possibilities
Prof. Dr Petko Bliznakov
Culture as the “connective tissue” between property development and real estate
Assoc. Prof. Dr Nadezhda Filipova
Conceptual architecture of business process management systems
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Svetlana Gercheva
The tax deformation of the domestic waste fee in this country – issues and solutions
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Velina Kazandzhieva
Customer loyalty to travel agencies in Bulgaria
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Katya Antonova
Organizational competitiveness through strategic knowledge management
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr Tanka Milkova
Possibilities for transport routes optimization in a supply chain
Chief Assist. Prof. Radan Miryanov
Possibilities for reforming seaports (following the example of Varna-East)
Assist. Prof. Lyubomira Dimitrova
Reporting gratuitously acquired funds in economic organizations
Doctoral student Magdalena Parcheva
Hidden factors of entrepreneurial activity (following the example of organizations from the Information Technology industry)
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