Business Networks as a Means of Impact on Agribusiness Organizations Competitiveness

Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Economics – Varna, e-mail:
IVANOVA, G. (2023) Business networks as a means of impact on agribusiness organizations competitiveness. Izvestiya. Journal of Economics, Management and Informatics, 67 (2), p. 153 – 166.
Тhe business environment in the agricultural sector is rapidly changing and highly competitive in modern conditions. The need to unite farmers in business networks arises as a result of these realities. The purpose of the article is to discuss the potential of business networks to influence the strength in the competitive struggle in agribusiness in Bulgaria. In order to achieve the goal, a survey was conducted among one of the forms of business networks, which finds application on the territory of the country. The topic of research is based on the network`s characteristics noted in literature as a tool for searching for innovative solutions in order to improve the ability of business organizations to compete.
Keywords: business networks, impact, agribusiness organizations, competitiveness
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